33. Naufraga la fuga

Vinyeta 33


Comença amb N.


Pedra foguera = Ànima d’una institució, de discursos abrandats.

Poema model

Yule Horror

There is snow on the ground,
          And the valleys are cold,
And a midnight profound
          Blackly squats o’er the world ;
But a light on the hilltops half-seen hints of feasting unhallowed and old.

There is death in the clouds,
          There is fear in the night,
For the dead in their shrouds
          Hail the sun’s turning flight
And chant wild in the woods as they dance round a Yule-altar fungous and

To no gale of Earth’s kind
          Sways the forest of oak,
Where the sick boughs entwined
          By mad mistletoes choke,
For these pow’rs are the pow’rs of the dark, from the graves of the lost

Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Edició consultada:
Fungi de Yuggoth at autres poèmes fantastiques.
Paris, NéO, 1987.

Yule Horror


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