40. El cànem ha sortit desnerit

Vinyeta 40


Vers 9 del sonet.


Pasta eixuta = Import abonat en silenci.

Poema model


          If in the world there be more woe
                    Than I have in my heart,
          Whereso it is, it doth come fro
          And in my breast there doth it grow
                    For to increase my smart.
Alas, I am receipt of every care
And of my life each sorrow claims his part.
                    Who list to live in quietness
                    But me let him beware,
                    For I by high disdain
                    Am mad without redress,
          And unkindness, alas, hath slain
          My poor true heart all comfortless.

Sir Thomas Wyatt

Edició consultada:
Songs (3).
Poems in the Hand of sir Thomas Wyatt, Poems with Revision in His Hand, and Poems Attributed to Him in the Sixteenth Century.
The Complete Poems.
Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1978.

Later Poems II


A la vinyeta, hi apareix un alfil. En francès, l’alfil és denominat le fou (mad).


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